In your Monnos account, you can use the following ways to make your account more secure:

Password: We recommend a password of at least 8 characters, with at least one uppercase character, one special character and one number.

SMS: Verifications via SMS as two-factor authentication (2FA), but pay attention to who has access to your phone, as you will receive an SMS with the verification code.

Email: Two-factor authentication (2FA) by your email, you will receive the verification code via email.

Google Authenticator (2FA): Application that generates a number every 30 seconds to enter when prompted. It is extremely important that you write down the backup code when activating this security mechanism, because only through it will be possible to regain access, so if you change or lose your smartphone, have the backup code to restore on a new device in the future.

On App: 6 digit PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID. The PIN can be set on any device, since Fingerprint and Face ID depends on whether the device supports these mechanisms.

Other than these mechanisms that can be activated in our app, to further improve the security of your Monnos account we recommend:
• Do not share your email, password and smartphone with anyone.
• Do not call any number from anyone who claims to be from Monnos team or support.
• Enable smartphone lock by password or fingerprint;
• Use Google Authenticator in your email account;
• Do not install suspicious applications on the smartphone;
• Do not use public (open) Wi-Fi connections.

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