Monnos arises from the need of a simpler and no time-consuming way to invest in the crypto economy. You can do everything in one place: buy, sell and trade your assets. And besides that, we offer you resources to help users do good and smart investments.


  • Crypto Savings: We use our price monitoring tool to look for the best opportunities in the top exchanges in the world. The bot is going to buy and sell automatically everytime it sees an opportunity to make money for you. In this way, we provide you passive and low risk income.
  • Sync Strategy: You will be able to sync you strategy to another Monnos user. Everytime the user that you are synced do something, your wallets is going to copy and do the same. If he makes money, you makes too. 
  • Open Strategy: If you feel comfortable about your gains and want to open your strategy to other users to follow you can do that. If you perform well and make profit, you will also receive a percentage of their gains. If you have more people synced to you, you will exponentially make more money.

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